Consultants Group Internationnal, offers you a vast range of services, intended for the VIPs.
Whatever is the object of your visit in Europe we have the adequate service which will answer your demand.
To satisfy our customers, the most worried about their investments; our team appealed to a successful and highly qualified specialists. A total coverage of the various phases of deal and management is guarantees, by our constant rigorous and quality concern. Our purpose is real partnership with our customers. Furthermore, we have a specialists’ international network of an exceptional quality.
Our team is to answer to the requirements of the private and public investors, avid to acquire a patrimony adapted to their needs, while making sure of its profitability.
Perfectly established on the international real estate market and attentive to its developments, our team of professionals shall advise you the investments the best adapted to your budget and your needs.
A precise diagnosis case by case will be made to identify the product the most adapted to your profile.
Consultants-Group, puts his experience and his legal and financial experts at your service. Our team will propose you a personalized management of your patrimony while integrating the specific and appropriate objectives for each investor; an optimal profitability and a personalized follow-up of your possessions.
Secretary – Ship:
For your business stays, you have an office in Paris.
We propose you an office quite equipped completely to your service, secretary-ship, Fax, conference room and a trilingual staff (Arab -English – French), intended to the success of your business and negotiations.
The Annexes services:
For your holiday stays, we have the solution of accommodation that is the most convenient for you, the Apartment or the Hotel as well as a range of parallel services, as the putting at disposition of rent-cars with or without driver as well as a secretary-ship service and qualified translators.