Legal Assistance

The consultant group provides assistance and advise for its clients through assistance and legal consultation which includes protecting their interests and contributes to the elaboration and formulation of diverse agreements with their partners according to the nature of their activities (trading, industrial, financial…etc)

Reconciliation and Arbitration

Considered as one of the most important mean in the resolving of trade conflicts in the modern era, the consultant group gathers specialists in trade reconciliation and arbitration field required by the international trade and could -by way of representing its clients in front of arbitration councils and assuring their defense- become an essential member in the international arbitration institutions group to which is submitted every international conflict, in order to cut it short according to the legal rules.

Intellectual Property Rights

Through its permanent link with systems and laws of the intellectual property rights, as well as its specialized and practical experiences in this field, it treats the conflicts forms that occur on these rights and aims to provide guarantees to companies, patents owners and registered trade marks agents, and to guarantee the registration and the utilization of these rights by protecting them from intellectual piracy.

Transfer of Technology and Energy

As contractual relations concerning energy and technology transfer are considered as complicated, necessitating a lot of studies and cares, the consultant group provides its legal advises concerning excavation, construction and investment phases in all energy projects in its diversity. The consultant group -by way of its relations with international legal offices- provides its clients with advises and consulting concerning the adequate energy law on the international level, and proposes to supervise technology transfer operations in all directions and to elaborate contracts.

Construction and Building Contractors Contracts

The consultant group studies also construction projects, all kinds of engineering and can discuss and register agreements concerning a defined project, discuss agreements related to the very project. The most important functions proposed within this field are the supervising of enterprise contracts and the organization of the relation between the owner and the building contractor and between the latter and the executants, besides delegation contracts elaboration and financial agreements with local authorities, legal contractors, building contractors and banks, as well as the organization of legal relations between those and the owner of property where building up is required.

The consultant group contributes to find solutions to conflicts that might occur on building and engineering contracts during all construction phase, to watch over the good execution of building contractors commitments, to be sure of their conformity with characteristics and norms in association with specialized control offices, and to supervise the payment of the bills stemmed from contracts.

Trade Merging Operations

The group is also engaged in companies merging operations and in gathering expert appraisements, lands, assets and other properties, or to increase the capital, even to share ventures, it consequently elaborated studies clarifying legal and trading solutions, approached assets, taxes, accountancy, and debts … etc. Knowing that each merging operation is different from the other, it proposes an adequate conception in a practical and legal shape for each particular case.

Unification of Companies Shares and Quote-parts

The group supervises unification and buying of quote-parts in private and public companies, elaborates its clients financial agreements, and founds a capital for investment and its development, it registers as well adhesion and investment requests, publishes rights and periodical printed matters, re-organizes companies as well as the sharing and merging agreements, the clients representation at the board of directors of companies and projects, the follow up of works, the elaboration of reports and the providing with necessary advises.

Fiscal Legislations

In order to coordinate the trading action of insurance and fiscality that have influence on foreign investment future, also considered as one of every trading, financial, real estate and others abroad, the consultant group concludes insurance agreements and holds their negotiation with specialized companies deputizing its clients and works on pursuing these companies in order to recuperate adequate indemnities if needed, and provides adequate fiscal advice for trading operation and investment in order to avoid double dealing fiscal problems and to protect them in proposing adequate fiscal studies.

Banking Operations

The consultant group works for several banks in Europe and abroad and deals with conflicts regarding financial and banking affairs. It also studies reinforcing bank guarantees methods and consolidation of deed executed by notaries operations as well as individual and professional credits, studying of trade financing and investment operations contracts and drawing up of financial shared competition agreements, financial and investment operations as well as all kinds of specialized credits. The consultant group members possess a global and various experiences that adapts to a changing and complicated financial environment within which act international financial institutions.

Property Management

Through its representative offices spread out in many countries of the world, Group Consultants offers administrative services of real estates as of handling all different bills concerning these properties (i.e. electricity, water, gas, syndic, varied taxes). Group Consultants also runs salary payment of the property staff, as well as their social services.

It conducts; in addition, the conclusion of insurance agreements with the best companies specialized in real estates, in such a way that the property will be fully covered against all kind of accidents.

Group Consultants also takes in charge the follow up of periodic maintenance of the property by coordinating with the owner, which protects and frees the real estate of any financial commitment resulting from its non-occupation permanently.

Company’s foundation and registration of marks and commercial agencies

The Group prepares the registration contract for all type of companies. For a limited responsibility company, a joint-stock company, a mutual company, a limited partnership company or commercial and professional companies. It prepares, certify and register the contracts at the concerned authorities and release it in an official way. The Group protects all his customers, even if they are agents or representatives of productions and commercial services. The Group prepares, register and certify the agency’s contract in what serves best the aspirations and the interests of the customer in a way to preserve his rights in accordance to the adopted legal procedures. In the same way the Group registers and releases the commercial marks of his customer following the adopted legal procedures.

Obtaining of foreign investment contracts

The Group informs the foreign investors on the systems adopted in the countries, the nature and the amount of the required capital and the imposed tax. He informs them also on the foreign investor’s rights and offers them the adequate legal solutions for all problems or legal complications that may occur. The Group prepares, register and deliver permits and foreign commercial investment’s contracts, no matter if it is an entirely foreign project or a mixed one. The Group represents the foreign investor at the public and private authorities in the countries.

Customer’s advocacy and defense

The Group preserves and recovers the customer’s rights. Defend them at the concerned legislative and ministerial authorities.