About Us


Offers its clients legal consulting and engineering services for any transaction affecting the life of companies... Our team of lawyers assists the client in the preparation and drafting of contracts, particularly in the areas of distribution, and licenses, conditions


The consultant group provides assistance and advise for its clients for trading questions accordingto adequate trading law all over the world and contributes beside its clients to the elaboration and formulation of diverse agreements with their partners notably concerning distribution, licenses, and buying and selling operations in different trading operations. It also represents them in all negotiation phases and assures adequate legal means thus to assure the progress of these negotiations purchasing the Arab investor interest


• We Cherish Our Values Based On Principles And Values In Dealing.

• Creativity Based On Customer Service Excellence And Meet Their Needs And Keep Pace With Their Aspirations Towards Growth And Lasting Success, God Willing.

• Quality, Integration, Creativity And Focus On Customer Requirements.

• We Are Committed To Our Fundamental Principles That Will Elevate Us To Serve As Role Models For Others.

• Sense Of Responsibility And Commitment Towards The Institution And Its Employees And Customers.

• Integrity, Honesty, Objectivity And Impartiality To Ensure The Achievement Of The Desired Objectives Of Customer And Client.

• Teamwork, Work Together To Achieve The Goals That Serve The Client Dexterity.

• Our Ability To Establish New And Capable Standards.

• Our Prompt Response To Customer Needs And Demands.

• Our Ability To Respond To Our Clients' Own Requests On Time.

• Our Timing Is Always Ahead Of Events And Developments.

Our Vision

To Be The Leading Institution In The Field Of Investment Management And Legal Consultancy In All Countries Of The World In Line With Our Islamic And Arab Values And To Promote Follow-Up To Ensure The Provision Of Necessary Services To The Investor.


The international arbitration concerning oil concessions

ome of the problems of judicial arbitration in accordance with international law.

Analytical study of the double taxation agreement signed between Saudi Arabia and France.

Practical problems in international commercial arbitration and means of treatment.

The executive formula for internal and international arbitration decisions.

The concept and effects of contractual conditions aimed at removing the role of interpretation of contracts and documents exchanged during the negotiations stage.

Arbitration System in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.